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Build the Bond

I began my journey as a professional dog trainer 8 years ago when I brought home my puppy Dizzy. He was my first dog as an adult and I had a vision in my mind of a well trained buddy to have adventures with. Unfortunately the reality of raising a 9 week old Siberian husky in New York City was much different than I imagined. I struggled so much with him that I considered returning him to his breeder. 

I firmly believed in positive reinforcement training. I read that using prong collars, e-collars, or even regular collars was abusive and would traumatize puppies and create aggression. I took him to classes, sought advice from positive reinforcement trainers and invested a lot of time and energy into following these methods. Eventually, I realized it just wasn’t working. I was frustrated, Dizzy was frustrated and life was chaotic. He was leash reactive, a bully in the dog park, and beginning to show signs of resource guarding. 

I began to research balanced dog training and found it made all the difference. I could clearly communicate what I wanted and help Dizzy understand what I didn’t want. Seeing and feeling the change in him was a deeply spiritual experience. Connecting with and being able to understand him was amazing. 

Along my journey I sought out friends and trainers that were able to help me and eventually began working as a part time, and eventually full time trainer for Dream Come True K9 in 2015. Through that experience I’ve worked with hundreds of dogs with a variety of issues from basic puppy manners to behavior modification for extreme human and dog aggression. 

Throughout many months of 2020 I was unemployed and began working to broaden my knowledge and experience. My passion for training took a new direction and I became fascinated with the relationships dogs and humans have and how to help them improve. I have a passion for not just working with dogs, but connecting with people and helping them build a healthy relationship with their dogs. 

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